• review rating 5  Amazing place. I wish they had dental services for adults;)

    thumb Natalia Apelstein

    review rating 5  I LOVE everyone at this office!! Dr. Askari is the best of the best. The office staff are always courteous and kind, even kept an eye on my granddaughter who was watching TV while I was being seen. They are professional, nice, outgoing, friendly--just what every office strives to be--they have it all!!

    thumb Diane Stanley

    review rating 5  This place is the best dentist ever. I've had a lot of other dentist but none quite like this place! Shes so funny and she shakes it all the time (Like a Polaroid). We are always having a good time, laughing, joking, and just all around havin fun in this office! not to mention its so clean and state of the art. The dentists there were always helping and explaining the process and made me very comfortable.

    thumb Cliff Foley

  • review rating 5  I have been coming to this facility for a year and I must say that this has been the best dental office that I have ever been to. I have always had issues going to a dental office due my fears from childhood but Dr.Askari makes me feel comfortable and she is amazing at her job. I fully trust her to work on my teeth and that is highly important to put trust in anybody regarding ones health. The office atmosphere is quit different than the usual dental or medical office. Normally offices are "dull and boring" but coming here you actually feel comfortable and people actually smile and converse with you like they have known you for years. The set up of the office goes along with all demographics where kids have the option of playing games while waiting so it takes that anxiety and nervousness away. Also the other best part about this office is they are all in one practice, from pediatric to general to adult specialty. This way you don't have to travel several location for different services. Other accommodations like tea and water are provided while you wait in the waiting room which makes you more welcome. I look forward to going to my appointments because of the staff and for me that is an essential key for any facility I decide to go for services. I would highly recommend this institute to anybody. For me fixing my smile has been very beneficial because now I feel more confident when I associate with others and feel important as a client. Thank you for the amazing service!

    thumb Rumana kapadia

    review rating 5  Great service. Everyone was so friendly!

    thumb Kyle Wojciechowski

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